Wrapping papers are an excellent way to make anything look presentable and attractive, whether it’s a gift or a food item. However, when you buy wrapping paper, you might have usually noticed that some wrapping papers are made of cheap paper quality and glitter that are highly harmful to the environment. Hence, we’ll show you a few different wrapping paper options that you may use to fancy up your things in this article.

Wrappily Gift Papers

Wappily’s gift papers are your go-to solution if you’re seeking wrapping papers that provide you twice the value for your money. Because these wrapping sheets are manufactured from recycled newspapers, there is no risk of harming the environment. If you’re concerned about the design, there’s good news: they come in a range of appropriate styles for many occasions and may be used on both sides. The only disadvantage of these sheets is that the pattern ink tends to transfer to your fingers slightly, which is common with most eco-friendly wrapping papers but causes no harm.

AnthropologieFuroshiki Wrapping Cloth

Wrapping Cloth

Do you want to add a Japanese touch to your gifts? Get the AnthropologieFuroshiki wrapping cloth, made of reusable fabric and comes in a variety of vibrant colours and patterns appropriate for any occasion. The wrapping cloth has been used in Japan for generations and holds a great deal of history. So give your loved ones gifts wrapped in these lovely, eco-friendly, and historically significant wrapping cloths.

Kathmandu Valley Co. Handmade Wrapping Paper

These wrapping papers are made from lotka bush cutting, an old Himalayan tradition, and can be used to add a Himalayan flair to your gifts. These sheets have a uniquely natural feel, and manufacturing paper from lotka bushes is a great environmentally friendly technique. Furthermore, these wrapping papers come in various bright designs, are durable, and give the entire wrapped gift a natural feel.

Hallmark Sustainable Wrapping Paper

Hallmark sustainable wrapping paper is an excellent alternative if you’re looking for classic eco-friendly wrapping paper. The papers are manufactured from high-quality paper resources derived from sustainable forests. Because of the minimal ink saturation, you can also recycle this wrapping paper. These wrapping sheets have excellent quality, thick material, and are easy to deal with when wrapping any gifts.

Triumph Plant Gift Wrap

Triumph Plant Gift Wrap

Triumph plant gift wrap is the choice to consider if you want to wrap a gift with an additional item to offer that has a longer shelf life. These papers are produced up of recycled materials. But that’s not all; these wrapping papers have wildflower seeds embedded in them, which may be put in loose topsoil and seen grow by the recipient. This is truly an excellent example of environmentally friendly wrapping paper.

Gift Expressions Paper Bags

Get these reusable and eco-friendly goodie bags to help save the environment. These bags are biodegradable and composed of high-quality paper that prevents the bag from being torn easily. You can make as many designs as you want on these paper bags. These bags can hold quite a bit of weight to be used for a variety of purposes other than gifting.

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